Delaware State, USA – An Ideal Holiday

Early explorations were made by the Spanish and Portuguese in around 16th century. Later the first white settlement was made by English pilgrims in 1631 and they settled here permanently. Arriving in 1632 Captain de Vries found the whole colony burnt to a crisp by the local Indians. No one dared to make another colony here until 1638 when the Swedes settled making the first proper settlement in the whole of Delaware Valley. The first settlement of Swedes was at “The Rocks” on the banks of river Christina. The Swedes colony survived until 1655 when Peter Stuyvesant, a Dutchman, came and defeated the Swedes marking the end of the Swedes rule. Following the seizure of the colony the Dutch settled in Fort Casmir, but as it was not large enough to settle all the settlers, a new town had to be built named new Amstel (New Castle in English) . When the American Revolution took place 4,000 men enlisted themselves in the military. Only one battle was fought in Delaware, the battle of Cooch’s Bridge near Newark on 3rd September 1777. After the war the industry revolutionized with the setting up of automatic flour milling machinery in 1785. The following year Delaware adopted the Constitution of the US and became the first state to do so. The unanimous ratification was done at the convention of Dover on 7 December 1787. It is this document that continues to protect the nation’s strength, justice and liberty. If you want a look at the 18th century then come to Amstel House Museum that exhibits complete colonial kitchen. George Washington attended a marriage here. It is open from March to December. The country’s largest collection of Victorian furniture is in Brick Hotel Gallery. It advocates the best of American furniture craftsmanship that was made in the middle of 19th century. Built in 1801 by George Read it depicted the federal style. Formal gardens were added to it in 1847. Twelve rooms are open to the public, three in the colonial revival style. It is open from March to December and on weekends in Jan.-Feb. Fort Christina is the site of the first Swede settlement in America who landed here with Historic Park and early log cabins on view. It was the seat of early markets and fairs. Old Dover Days are held now in May, when many homes and buildings are open to the public. On this soil in 1775, during the revolution Delaware’s army got together. From here they marched to join Washington’s Continental Army. Fenwick Island Lighthouse started operating from 1 August 1869 till 1978. In 1981 public outcry made its original light to come back and it weighed 1500 pounds. The Lighthouse has been in service since then. It is open on two Wednesdays in the month of June, July and August only for visits. Opened by a non-profit organization, Delaware Toy and Miniature Museum is a place which exhibits the small baby dolls Miniatures and sample furniture as well as dolls, toys, trains, planes and boats. All this collection is from America and Europe from 18th to 20th century.

Delaware: A State Of “Firsts” In More Ways Than One

Every state has a nickname and every nickname has a story. As the first state to ratify the constitution following the revolutionary war, Delaware claimed its title as the “first state” in the earliest stages of our nation’s history. Since then, Delaware has pioneered a number of other firsts as well. Thanks to a receptive business climate, Delaware is “first” in the minds of businesspeople from Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs just starting their business. Delaware’s laws create an environment where forming a business entity is fast, convenient and affordable. The state’s judicial system is based on centuries-old principles of jurisprudence, allowing legal issues to be settled fairly and predictably. Among the many tax, asset protection, privacy and other benefits of incorporating in Delaware is a provision of Delaware law that says business owners do not have to live or ever set foot in the state in order to form a business. This is a convenient feature in some respects but unfortunate in others because Delaware offers much to see and do. For a state small in geographical stature, Delaware boasts a surprising level of contrasts and wide-ranging diversity in cultures, scenery, and lifestyles. Wilmington, the state’s largest city, is in the far northeast corner of the state where the Delaware Bay becomes the Delaware River, a stone’s throw from Philadelphia. Wilmington is a major financial center, headquarters to one of America’s most venerable companies, DuPont, and features an important deep water port. Traveling south or southwest from Wilmington unveils the contrast between the bustle and energy of Wilmington’s place along the Washington-New York corridor and the decidedly more relaxed ambiance of downstate Delaware. Southward along the banks of the Delaware Bay are a series a small towns where fishing is the focus of many conversations. Cape Henlopen at the mouth of the Bay marks the beginning of Delaware’s 28 miles of Atlantic Coast. Lewes, Rehobeth Beach, Bethany Beach and Fenwick Island are family-oriented beach resorts that draw thousands of visitors from throughout the region. To the west and further inland, from north to south are the towns of Christiana, site of a well-regarded medical center and teaching hospital; Newark, home to the University of Delaware; Dover, the state capitol; and further south, Milford, Georgetown and Seaford. Delaware boasts a variety of activities and venues across a wide spectrum of entertainment tastes and preferences. Take your chances with lady luck at the Midway Slots and Simulcast harness racing venue. Dover Downs is the site of a major NASCAR race each season. Cultural and Ethnic celebrations dot the calendar and the state—from a yearly Jazz festival to lively and interesting Puerto Rican, Italian, Polish and Greek festivals. National and State Parks, environmental centers and nature preserves are located throughout Delaware. So, yes, you can indeed form your business entity in Delaware without ever once visiting. The professionals at Harvard Business Services, Inc. can help you accomplish that by phone or online, and in person as well if you stopped by the office. With so many things to see and do in Delaware, maybe it’s worth the trip.

Our Founding Fathers Were Not Christians

Were the founding fathers of this country Christians? I have always been under the impression that our country was founded by people who were escaping religious persecution. Why then, do so many people claim that this country was created under Christianity?

I could be wrong, but I don’t think the words Jesus, God, Bible or Christianity are mentioned anywhere in the Constitution.

I also think that some of the founding fathers may have been leaning toward agnosticism or even atheism.

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Dreaming of Messages from the Dead

What Does My Dream About Dead People Mean?

Many aspects of a dream contribute to the overall meaning of the dream. The colors, objects, situations, symbols, and the dreamer’s associated feelings all influence the dream’s meaning. Dreams reflect the dreamer’s mental, emotional, and physical state, and a dream’s symbols and contexts reflect the dreamer’s beliefs and cultural influences.

Dreams mean many things to different people. Despite our differences, we often have similar dreams. But even if two people had the same dream, it might mean something completely different to each of them.

Still, as human beings we do sometimes share history, experience, attitudes, and emotions. And dreaming of dead people is a common experience, whenever you were born or wherever you live. So although only dreamers know what their dreams mean, this article discusses shared perceptions of the symbolism of dreaming of dead people.
The Meaning of Dreams of Dead People

In general, the dead people in our dreams are parts of our psyche attempting to communicate with us. This is likely a part of our subconscious from which we dissociate. This is a wise, quiet part of us that often appears not to even exist.

Aspects of the dead live on within us. Dreaming of a deceased loved one can be healthy but can also be negative and it is important to differentiate which it is for you. These types of dreams can be part of our growth or they can stunt our growth and keep us “stuck” on something.

We can grow from either type of dream (positive or negative). If this dream is keeping you stuck, you may need to resolve your feelings in your waking life and within the dream as well.
Resolving Your Feelings About Losing a Loved One

Dreaming of someone who has passed away may be a way for you to resolve your feelings about this loss. Oftentimes, people pass away before we are able to make amends or resolve an issue we had with them. Dreaming may help you to express unspoken feelings, put something right, or tie up loose ends. For example, the dream may help you forgive the person or yourself and as a consequence get peace and healing for yourself.
Something in Your Life Reminds You of a Quality the Deceased Person Possessed

If you are not attempting to resolve feelings associated with this person’s death in your dream, you are likely to be dreaming of the person because they represent a quality that is important to you right now. Think about who you have dreamed about and begin to describe them. Is this person the opposite of you? Is this person very much like you? Did this person possess traits you had always wanted to emulate? Did this person have qualities that turned you off or you feared you possessed? This dream is likely more about your answers to these questions rather than the person who has passed away. Since death dreams tend to represent ending something or starting something new, it is possible the quality represented by the person is something you no longer want or need.

A friend once dreamed of one of her ex-coworkers who was no longer alive. She could not understand why she had started to dream of this woman so vividly, since they had never been very close and she had not passed away recently. Once the friend described the ex-coworker as someone who was always obsessed with weight loss and appeared to have a possible eating disorder, she was able to associate the dream with her own lifestyle and diet. She admitted she was beginning to obsess too much with her weight. She was worried she was spending too much time fixated on this and felt it was becoming unhealthy. The dream confirmed her fears and she began to seek a more balanced outlook.
You May Need to Let Go of Something or End Something in Your Life

Death often represents the end of one thing and the beginning of something new. Dreaming of death in general may mean you need to stop or end something in your life. When you are dreaming of a specific person, you may need to let go of something or end something associated with that person. This could be your negative feelings associated with your loss or characteristics or activities they represent for you.

I had a dream of someone I did not know very well but who had passed away. I saw him as a very angry, lonely man. I was not sure why I had dreamt of him until I connected his anger with my own. I realized I had to let go of some anger I was feeling towards someone because it was beginning to push people out of my life.
You May Need to Resolve Something Associated With When This Person Passed

A dead person in our dream may not represent themselves as much as they may represent the time period in which we knew them or when they passed away. If you are dreaming of a loved one or acquaintance that has passed, ask yourself what was happening to you when this person was in your life and what was happening for you when they passed away. It is possible that the dream is really about something that coincided with this person’s life or death. Perhaps you’re currently dealing with issues or experiences similar to those of that time period.

I had a client describe dreams he was having of a high school friend. They had not stayed in touch and the person had passed away about six years ago. He could not figure out why he was dreaming of this person almost every night. As we discussed what was going on in his life then and when he saw this friend the most, he realized that he was experiencing similar feelings as that time in high school. He struggled with depression throughout high school and drank with his friends to escape life in general. He had recently started to drink again and was engaging in other forms of escape such as playing videos games for hours to the point where video games were interferring with his sleep, eating, and productivity.

Falsely Accused of Child Abuse

It is illegal for anyone to file a false report of child abuse, but unfortunately, it happens everyday. Even though 60% percent of reported abuse cases are false, this offense has the highest conviction rate of all felony crimes. The law is written to protect the children first, so even though you may be completely innocent, you could face long, expensive legal battles or even worse, you may possibly lose your children forever.
Falsely Accused?

Falsely Accused of Physical Abuse or Molestation? » CASEassist Become Your Best Advocate

Don’t Sink into Denial

If you get caught in this nightmare, even though you are completely innocent, the first thing you must do is acknowledge the seriousness of the charges. If you feel you do not need to worry because they could not possibly have a case against you, you are placing yourself in danger. It is amazing how quickly these situations can get out of control. The consequences for a conviction of this crime can be horrific, so protect yourself and your children immediately. You should obtain a lawyer experienced with these types of charges. Don’t speak to any officials except your attorney about the case. Even if you have not been officially charged, you need to be prepared in case you are eventually arrested.
Do Not Confront your Accuser

At first, you may not even know who has made this terrifying accusation. The accuser does not have to be revealed unless there is a court order to do so. If you suspect or find out who it is, however, you should keep your distance. Do not go to see them, do not call them, do not have any contact with them whatsoever $6.
Be You Own Advocate

Learn everything you can about being falsely accused. Read books, internet articles or anything you can find on the subject. Discuss your findings with your attorney. Get involved with other people who have been falsely accused of similar crimes and learn from their experience. You will be amazed by how many people have been in your position. Build a support group of trusted family and friends around you. Ask them if they will be character witnesses for you if you need them.
Falsely Accused of Child Abuse
Falsely Accused of Child Abuse: A first hand account of my story from accusation to verdict
Falsely Accused of Child Abuse: A first hand account of my story from accusation to verdict
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Don’t Console Yourself with Alcohol or Drugs

Though this may well be the most stressful and depressing time of your life, do not give in to the temptation to blur the pain with alcohol or drugs. It could have the reverse effect and actually enhance the depression. It is also very important that you stay strictly within the confines of the law at this time. You could be asked to submit to a drug test or the court could call witnesses to testify that they had seen you impaired. It simply isn’t worth the risk.

This is a very scary time in your life, but do not panic. You need to keep your mind focused on contributing to your defense and finding the best way to protect yourself and your family from more damage. Most importantly, do not go through this allow. Retain a good lawyer and let your attorney help you. Take his advice and be prepared to wage the fight of your life. Your future is at stake.